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May 2, 2013

Romanticism is a movement that changed the Western culture’s relation to other things in our world.  It didn’t only include love, but also created a new age of culture. The movement occurred mainly in England and Germany and lasted for about 100 years, from 1770 to 1870. Some famous Romantic writers include; Wordsworth, Coleridge, Novalis, Sir Walter Scott, and Goethe. Some famous Romantic texts include; Lyrical Ballads, Hymns to the Night, and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The Romantic movement, like other literary and artistic movements, has many special qualities.

The qualities of Romanticism include imagination, nature, and symbolism. Firstly, the Romantics believed that imagination was the primary way to create art. Their idea of imagination included two concepts. First, the imagination enables us to read nature as a system of symbols. Second, it helped the Romantics develop a new way of writing about the world around them. Secondly, in Romanticism nature is a source that heals people. During that time, because of the Industrial Revolution more and more people moved to cities to work in factories. This work was depressing. The Romantics, on the other hand, fled to nature and the countryside to escape from the stressed city environment. They felt that all elements in nature were part of a single unit, and this unit has its own meaning outside of the civilization. Finally, in the Romantics view, a symbol is a language that helps people learn the relationship between things better. They were variable, and suggested many things. By using symbols, Romantic writers were able to express something inexpressible.

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