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Contrasts of Ancient History Accounts

April 17, 2013


World History Book

(From the US)



Chinese History

(My knowledge)



-Huang He River Flood: says it was very dangerous for people and influenced nearby villages


– Huang He River: stable, only the Yangtze river can pose a threat

-Only about 10% of China’s land is suitable for farming

-Most parts of China are suitable for farming in ancient times


Civilization (Shang Civilization)

-Yu (king of Xia Dynasty) was the person who protected the citizens who lived near the Huang He

-Yu is only a legend, only what people imagined because there is no evidence to prove he existed


-Shang people needed walled cities because they were “constantly waging war”

-There wasn’t so much war in the Shang dynasty, but there was a lot in the next dynasty (the Zhou dynasty)


Development of Chinese Culture

-Ancient Chinese people thought group living was more important that individual


-The family was the center of Chinese society, the youth should always respect their elders


-Social classes divided the country into government, army, traders, citizens



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