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The Final Parts of The Odyssey

April 12, 2013

#1 Brief summary

1: Odysseus reached the land of Phaeacians where Nausicaa met and asked him to meet her father, the king of Phaeacians.

2: Odysseus met the king, and told him about his adventure. The king decided to help him. The king asked a ship to send Odysseus back; however this angered Poseidon, and he punished the sailors and turned the ship into stone.

3: Odysseus arrived in Ithaca, Athene turned into a boy and told him to pretend to be a beggar. He did so and met Eumaeus. Odysseus told him about his adventure and got some information about his wife and son.

4: Odysseus went to his house dressed as a beggar. He met Penelope and told her that her husband didn’t die and would be back soon.

5: Many suitors tried to win the bow and arrow competition, but no one could. But Odysseus, still dressed as an old man beggar, suceeded. He killed all the suitors, hugged Penelope again, and the story ended.

#2: Why was the last chapter’s naming ‘A husband for Penelope’?

As we can see, Odysseus really loved his wife, Penelope. She is the person who Odysseus missed most. According to the past chapters, Odysseus always thought about his wife and wanted to get back and see her face. All he thought about was Penelope. This shows his great love to his wife, and also shows ancient Greeks really respected this kind of love. They made this kind of epic, to show a hero with a brave and clever brain, and they also tried to express his deep love and loyalty to his wife. The hero was not only good at fighting, but also a ‘gentleman’.

#3: What’s next?

As we can see, the last part of the story told us that Odysseus would have another journey to finally bring peace to his life. What will happen? We don’t know, but I guess Poseidon won’t stop punishing Odysseus. What’s more, during this long journey, Odysseus had become a mid-aged person. Can he hold the next journey? I am wondering whether he will survive the next journey.





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