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Reader’s Journal: Stranded on Calypso’s Island

April 9, 2013

1. Summary for Odysseus: Odysseus was saved by Calypso. She helped him become healthy again. The goddess decided to stop punishing Odysseus. Zeus asked Hermes to give a message to Calypso to let her help Odysseus go back to Ithaca. Calypso gave Odysseus materials to make a raft. After four days Odysseus took the raft and started to the journey back to Ithaca. Poseidon found out that he was going back and got angry. So he made a great surge of water and wind, which ruined Odysseus’s raft. Ino helped Odysseus. She asked Odysseus to take her veil and some wind to be safe. After a few days Odysseus finally arrived on an island. 

2. Summary of events in Ithaca: More and more people wanted to marry Penelope, but she kept rejecting them. She made an excuse that she couldn’t marry until she finished weaving a shroud fit to wrap Odysseus’s father in when he dies. Athena transformed into an old woman and told Telemachus to travel and try to get information about his father. Telemachus follows her orders. Many people wanted to kill Telemachus since he left Ithaca, this way no one can stop them from marrying Penelope. 

3. In this chapter I learned more about other characters, not just Odysseus. Firstly, Telemachus is brave and he wasn’t afraid of danger. He simply followed Athena’s orders and tried to find his father. Penelope was a great and persistent woman. Although there was no more news about Odysseus she was still hoping that he would come back soon. She had devoted and deep love for Odysseus, which was great. I already knew a little about Athena before reading this chapter, however she showed sympathy and great love to human beings. She also instructed Telemachus to get information about his father. She is a goddess with a sense of justice and love. 

4. What will happen next? I think there might be several people who will follow Telemachus and try to kill him. But I think Athena will protect him. This is his first “test” and adventure in his life. He will be trained to become a man like his father. 



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