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Analysis of Lois Lowry’s The Giver

April 5, 2013

101116thegiverThe Giver depicts a world without any color or personal emotion. Jonas, a twelve-year old boy who is chosen to become something special, is the only person who can see colors and feel people’s emotions. He is chosen to work with The Giver, who is an old man who carries the memory of the world how it used to be. Jonas feels something different from the world he is living in. In the last part of the story, he and The Giver left the community. The meaning of this ending was really unclear. Where would they go? We don’t know. However, we definitely know that Jonas’ heart is totally affected by The Giver; he surely wants a world with freedom and love. Same as us.

In fact, I think we should not sacrifice a so orderly community. Like Jonas’ world, without color and freedom, everyone’s just does their jobs day by day, working and sleeping, without love or freedom, until their death. It seems like they have a very safe and peaceful society. However, Jonas doesn’t really love this, or can’t accept this. He is the only one who can see the colors in their community. When The Giver first taught him about the names and the meaning of the colors, Jonas showed great interest and excitement. ‘Color’ in this book should refer to something.

In my opinion, the ‘colors’ in this book may refer to the different elements and components that comprise our world. All of them are different. However, in Jonas’ world, there is no color, which means their lives are all similar and regular. They can’t see the beautiful colors, and they can’t see the magical elements. In our world these are the things that normal humans all enjoy. In such an orderly society, we can’t get happiness or pleasure; they live life without souls. Although this kind of society seems impossible in reality, we still need to think about how we can draw the line between public safety and personal freedom.

Jonas’ world is ruled and safe. Everyone does the things that they need to do. They never do criminal things or disobey the law. This world sounds fantastic, but due to their orderly living, their lives seemed constrained and not free. We need to balance the two sides.

In my opinion, the law should control some of people’s movement, but it can’t control all of them. The law should have several rules that can keep people’s bodies and rights safe. Except for these, the law should not control humans so much. The government should allow people to have their personal freedom, which is necessary for everyone. The line between safety and freedom should be drawn in the middle, which can keep people safe and also let people have freedom. Safety is important, but freedom can’t be taken.

We all want to be safe and free, but this is hard to balance. Even though it is hard to keep our world safe and free, we cannot allow our world to become like Jonas’. If we do, there will more and more people who try to leave, or escape, like Jonas.


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