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Reader’s Journal: Traveling into Disaster

April 3, 2013

#1: In this chapter, Odysseus and his soldiers were on the way home. They reached Cicone and another strange island full of Lotus Eaters. The army was in trouble because lacked food and water. A brief summary: 

  • Island 1: They killed people, were unguarded, and got attacked in the morning.
  • Island 2: Three soldiers were attracted by a kind of fruit. Odysseus finally dragged them       back to the boat.
  • Island 3: Details yet unknown. I’m guessing there will be danger. 


#2  What’s wrong with those three explorers? 

The certain thing is that they are affected by the Golden fruit. The fruit should be magical or something unusual that can make people forget everything and just fall into unstoppable desire for the fruit. What kind of fruit is it? We don’t know, other than it’s called Lotus Fruit. And from all the history and science records, there is no fruit that can cause the same kind of situation as in the story. So this may prove more that The Odyssey is an epic that includes real historical characters and something from the authors imagination.

 #3  What will happen to Odysseus and his army next?

 The final part of the chapter says, “They didn’t even wonder what kind of land they had found.’ From this sentence, we know there might be something unusual on the island and Odysseus will meet it. What’s going on on this island? I’m guessing it will be dangerous and maybe there will be some attackers. The first chapter’s title was ‘The War’, maybe here is another part of the war.


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