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Reader’s Journal: The War (from The Odyssey)

April 2, 2013

#1 The story is told chronologically

First, the king’s wife was caught, and he wanted the army to get her back. Second, Odysseus needed to joined the army. It then described Odysseus’ family and his and his wife’s negative emotion to the war. Third, Odysseus left home and went to the battlefield in Troy. Finally, after ten years of being away at war, others began to return. But, Odysseus didn’t come back.

Question: Where was he?

Answer: Only the Gods knew where he was.


 #2 The title of this section of the story is ‘The War’

What is the war? Why did the writer use the title ‘The War’? Firstly, it refers to the war Troy and Sparta, which has just ended at the beginning of this story. Secondly, the war caused Odysseus to go to the battlefield. This gives an explanation to the story. Also, the war may be still a part of the future for Odysseus, but we don’t know yet.

 #3 The feeling that I have with this chapter is intrigue and excitement.

The sentences are simple and direct, however, the story is still hard to imagine. “Only the God saw him.” This sentence is really attractive and really makes me think about what will happen to this man in the future. It seems like the story tells you everything, but you will find there is still something hidden that you need to discover. This is really exciting.


#4 Historical Connection: The Trojan War

During the 1200s B.C., the Spartans and the Trojans fought a ten-year-long war. As history tells us, the Trojans caught Helen, the wife of a Spartan king, and this caused the war. The Spartans finally defeated the Trojans by tricking with a wooden horse. This is regarded in history as the best April Fools prank ever. Researchers have evidence that this war really happened. So the epic The Odyssey may really have happened in history.



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